Erica Somes

Director of Finance & Corporate Controller

Erica Somes brings more than 25 years of financial management experience to her role at FormulaMed as Finance Director.  Prior to joining the FormulaMed team, she gained extensive accounting experience in her 16-year tenure in public accounting as an auditor.  She then began her career as a controller of a wholesale petroleum company where she found her passion for finance.   In 2014, she leveraged her experiences to start a family-owned local transport logistics company.  Erica subsequently joined Girish Capital and FomulaMed where she currently manages all aspects of accounting and finance for numerous holdings, investments, and clients spanning a vast array of industries.  Throughout her roles, Erica’s goal is simple –finding financial strategies that promote growth and stability while controlling risk.  

Erica is a life-long resident of Brazoria County and loves to call Texas home.  When she isn’t working, you’ll find Erica spending time with family and managing “the zoo” on their farm.  You can reach her at