Ongoing Support & Monitoring

Without a COVID-19 vaccine, constant vigilance is necessary to safeguard your employees’ physical & mental wellness. 

Change is inevitable. With a highly contagious virus like COVID-19, FormulaMed is dedicated to supporting companies with the people & processes to provide comprehensive coverage of this constantly evolving moment.

Our Ongoing Support & Monitoring services protect companies with up-to-date information & assessments of emergent health risks & employee wellbeing. Additionally, our behavioral wellness team will maintain a regular dialogue with employees who need additional support to manage their anxiety, depression, or fears.

Monitoring Threats

Monitoring employees & ensuring safe progression through the workforce reintroduction pathways.

Mental Health

Ongoing mental wellness support for at-risk employees by FormulaMed’s behavioral psychologists & executive coaches.

Ongoing Reporting

Periodic site visits & compliance consulting to management team.