Reintroduction Planning & Initial Assessment

Employees don’t want to simply get back to work. They want to get back to work safely.

Uncertainty is the “new normal.” In these unprecedented times, FormulaMed is committed to getting employees back to the office with the tools, information, & confidence to focus on the work that matters to them.

Our Reintroduction Planning & Initial Assessment services will design a workforce reintroduction process to ensure companies can provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere for their employees’ return to the office.

Analyzing Your Company

Management team consulting on business operations, epidemiological threats, & executive training, with creation and/or revision of policies & procedures relating to the new post COVID-19 workplace.

Developing Programs & Training

Creating a return to work pathway for all employees and management team members, including behavioral & mental health workforce assessments, best practices, employee education, & decontamination procedures.

COVID-19 Antibody Testing

FDA-authorized high-sensitivity/-specificity COVID-19 antibody testing for workforce health screenings, provided by FormulaMed clinical staff. Additional PPE sourcing & procurement with customized employee fit testing.