How critical is it for your business to have employees back at work? 

Food production plant. Critical manufacturing. Supply chain and distribution. Certain businesses can’t work from home.

What is the cost to your business when operations come to a halt because your employees didn’t feel safe and have confidence in the workplace?  How are you ensuring your employees aren’t infected with SARS-CoV-2?  How are you getting their testing results?

A DIY approach to managing this pandemic as it enters the workplace is not an effective or advised strategy when dealing with a virus like COVID-19.  Getting infected is inevitable—successful organizations will manage the safety, exposure, and confidence of their employees as they adapt to workforce reintroduction.

Successful reintroduction of your workforce in this environment involves:

  1. Regular and continuous testing for immunity AND active disease using HIGH FIDELITY collection and testing techniques.
  2. Educating your workforce on proper safety procedures both on and off site.
  3. Mental wellness and behavioral health support for your workforce.
  4. Workplace operational changes to maximize health and safety.
  5. Procurement of appropriate PPE and usage techniques.

Does your management team truly understand how coronaviruses operate and spread?

An informed leadership team understands the various types, procedures, sensitivities, specificities, and pitfalls of the available coronavirus tests while effectively administering this information to employees.   In this environment, it isn’t worth taking the risk of putting these responsibilities into inexperience hands.

If you are telling your workforce to get their own testing done, it’s important that you understand the true cost, variance, time delays, and risk involved in this approach.  Relying on a local clinic or testing facility will not guarantee the quality of a high-fidelity testing approach that FormulaMed provides.  Additionally, ensuring samples are properly collected, stored, transported, and tested on appropriate testing processes is critical to getting reliable, actionable results.

The next challenge becomes translating test results with your operational processes to ensure your workforce’s safety.  How much do you trust the broken and inefficient healthcare system?  How are you ensuring your health insurance premiums aren’t going up by outsourced and unmanaged testing?

Our medical experts also have the executive business experience to properly advise your management team or board of directors.  We understand business operations and risk management while helping you develop a plan to take you through the next phases of economic recovery.

Are you planning for the known or the unknown?

If you are prepared for crisis management and emergency testing during a workforce COVID-19 outbreak you should also be prepared to educate, test, and instill confidence in your critical workforce.

Having FormulaMed on your team is the best way that you can manage your workforce toward safety, productivity, and confidence while ensuring there are no interruptions in your critical business operations.

FormulaMed’s real-time monitoring will give you and your employees workforce-wide visibility into the health and safety status of your organization.  This will allow you to make real time decisions that protect employees and your business.  FormulaMed is a key piece in ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Contact us to learn how we can formulate a plan for your business today.

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