How it Works

FormulaMed combines your health and wellness experience in a single app that gives you control of your providers, as well as when and where you receive care.


Log onto your FormulaMed App – Here you can speak to your doctor, nutritionist, fitness coach, and virtually any of your team members through our Virtual Care Center (VCC). You also have full access to your entire medical record, upcoming appointments, and other services. Further, go on a health and wellness journey through our self-guided and assisted health streams to discover new ways to improve your life. Think fitness, nutrition, meditation, stress management, sports, yoga, and more!

Visit us when you need – Sometimes a virtual visit just isn’t enough. When you need further hands-on care, come to any of our medical access points distributed through the Houston-area and conveniently navigated through your app, including immediate care. This includes blood tests, imaging, and other diagnostic tests and procedures. No more trying to figure out where to go for quick help – FormulaMed will steer the entire way.




We’ll guide you through the big things, including cost – Occasionally, you will need specialized services outside the FormulaMed ecosystem. We’ll be right there with you guiding you through any hospitalizations, births, surgeries, and procedures that you may need through our Trusted Partner Network. While this will involve carrying supplemental coverage, FormulaMed remains your first point of contact and concierge throughout the process. This of us as your personal healthcare GPS.

Take Control

To learn more about how the FormulaMed team can help you take control of your healthcare, connect with a specialist here.

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