Maintaining a Happy & Productive Workforce

Wednesday, February 22nd - 10:00am CST


In the wake of workplace and employment disruptions resulting from the post-pandemic balancing act, employers are struggling to support their employees. Some of the biggest concerns include:

In this webinar, partners from FormulaMed will discuss ways that employers can work with their employees to ultimately increase productivity while creating lasting results. Through insights that address healthcare consulting, performance coaching, and wellness goal planning, the team at FormulaMed will provide attendees with insights that can help generate improvement in the overall health and wellness of their employees. This in turn will help employers increase productivity, goal planning and provide a more connected workforce.
FormulaMed is joined by Encore Search Partners, who have utilized performance coaching and analytics to increase employee engagement and drive productivity.

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In the wake of workplace and employment disruptions resulting from the post-pandemic balancing act, employers are struggling to support their employees. Some of the biggest concerns include:


Many employers are concerned that the pandemic has caused a decrease in productivity among employees, as they may be dealing with personal issues or distractions due to remote working.

Employers have become increasingly aware of the mental health impact of the pandemic on their workforce and are concerned about how best to support them during this difficult period.

Health Issues

Sick Leave

With more people at home, there is an increased risk of illness and absenteeism for some workers, and employers need to find ways to manage this effectively while ensuring staff safety.

The financial strain caused by job losses and furloughs can lead to decreased motivation.


Speakers & Guests

Setul Patel, MD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer, FormulaMed

Dr. Setul Patel is an experienced healthcare and business executive bringing over twenty years of experience to healthcare services. Setul bridges healthcare administration, emergency medicine, and business leadership in a purpose driven and vision focused environment. He founded FormulaMed in 2013 as a healthcare consulting firm and today as CEO has focused its purpose on reimagining healthcare.

Mahtab Moradi, MA

Dir. of Behavioral Health, FormulaMed

Mahtab Moradi, a behavioral psychologist, will be joining the conversation to address and answer questions as they relate to mental health issues amongst the employees that may have arisen as a result of the pandemic. She will also be able to provide insight into the mindsets that have emerged during this period and how leadership can comfortably navigate those waters.

Jeremy Jenson

Chief Executive Officer, Encore Search Partners

Jeremy Jenson is the Founder & CEO of Encore Search Partners, the largest privately held Executive Search firm in Houston, TX. Founded in 2013, Encore Search is primarily focused on providing headhunting services, specifically for Wealth Advisors, Attorneys, Engineers, and Executive Leadership Teams, nationwide.

About FormulaMed

FormulaMed is a decentralized hybrid healthcare platform that brings your providers, therapists, coaches and technology together in a friction-free mobile environment. We work with individuals and employers to provide first point of contact healthcare consulting and wellness services. 

Healthcare today is broken and the patient experience is layered with difficulty, excess cost, and stress when it comes to care for ourselves or our loved ones. While we have come to expect transparency, ease of access, acceptable quality, and good value in virtually every area of our lives, our choices in healthcare aren’t always that simple. 

How do you make a decision on something as critical as your health and wellness if you don’t know how much it’s going to cost or how that cost will benefit you? FormulaMed is solving the problems of unnecessary friction, lack of pricing transparency, lack of medical record custodianship, lack of buying power and overutilization of services in the US healthcare system.

About Encore Search Partners:

Encore Search Partners is a Recruitment & Executive Search firm that is focused on offering clients a return on their investment. Founded in 2013, we are a rapidly-growing thought leader in direct hire recruitment, predominantly focused on spotlighting the absolute best Professional, Technical, & C-Level Executive talent, nationwide.

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