What We Do

FormulaMed is a decentralized hybrid healthcare platform that brings your providers, therapists, coaches and technology together in a friction-free mobile environment. We work with individuals and employers to provide first point of contact healthcare consulting and wellness services.

Why We Do It

Healthcare today is broken and the patient experience is layered with difficulty, excess cost, and stress when it comes to care for ourselves or our loved ones. While we have come to expect transparency, ease of access, acceptable quality, and good value in virtually every area of our lives, our choices in healthcare aren’t always that simple.

How do you make a decision on something as critical as your health and wellness if you don’t know how much it’s going to cost or how that cost will benefit you? FormulaMed is solving the problems of unnecessary friction, lack of pricing transparency, lack of medical record custodianship, lack of buying power and overutilization of services in the US healthcare system.

 “Patients access FormulaMed through their choice of mobile or desktop portals giving them telehealth access to the entire physician and care team as well as access to their health record.

Here they can also locate medical access points and other care locations to plan their care journey, all the while guided by the online team.

Patients have full access to their health record, and they also can share access with whomever they choose.”


Navigating wellness programs can be difficult and full of friction. FormulaMed, led by its team of healthcare providers, will guide you through the process of evaluating your healthcare and wellness programs, choose new programs within FormulaMed or through our partner network, and connect you with the ForumulaMed care team based on your needs. Wellness programs include:

  • Healthcare Navigation Consulting
  • Emergency Visit Consulting
  • Executive Performance Management
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Patient Advocacy
  • 24/7 Virtual Visits
  • Healthcare Screenings

Our team of on-demand 24/7 Virtual ER Advisors helps members navigate complex medical situations and connects you with our team of providers.

Additionally, our performance management team conducts regular sessions with our members to coach and support growth mindsets, help navigate difficult situations, and develop the tools to better manage stress.

Starting Line

Beginning with our Starting Line program, individuals are evaluated and screened to develop a comprehensive assessment of their overall wellness. This includes:

  • Testing & Screening:chest x-rays, vision & hearing, cardiac ultrasounds, or several others.
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Physical Exams
  • Nutrition Evaluations
  • Genetic Testing (optional)
  • 1:1 Analysis of your Health Information
  • Action Plan

From that point, our care coaches develop and support your Action Plan. Managed through our mobile app, executives have access to their health and wellness team, make appointments, live video chat, and track their progress.

Take Control

To learn more about how the FormulaMed team can help you take control of your healthcare, connect with a specialist here.

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