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Returning to work is a PROCESS, not a DECISION.  Is your organization and workforce prepared to return to the workplace?  Management teams have more responsibility than ever navigating the post COVID-19 world through these critical times. FormulaMed is ready to help ignite your workforce back into productivity by restoring workplace confidence in all aspects of health and safety.

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FormulaMed is a health advocacy and wellness firm that is dedicated to supporting employers and their employees, through wellness, mental fitness, and education. As part of our efforts to support businesses impacted by COVID-19, FormulaMed is working directly with management teams to institute a safe and effective workforce reintroduction program to ignite companies back into production through client customized programs leading to sustained workforce productivity.

Workforce Reintroduction Planning

Workforce Reintroduction Planning

As employees begin returning to the workforce and settling into a New Normal, it’s critical for them to have confidence in their management’s planning of that process. FormulaMed provides the expert, third party validation of management decisions that can provide a high level of comfort to employees while optimizing their health and safety

Health Screening & Testing

Health Screening & Testing

Full, on-site individual health screening and testing for each employee performed by experienced FormulaMed personnel. Our tests include the Abbott COVID‐19 high sensitivity FDA Authorized IgG antibody test and COVID‐19 PCR test with industry leading turnaround times for results.

Workplace Assessment & Education

Workplace Assessment & Education

FormulaMed team assessment of major workspaces, offices, call centers, common areas, parking facilities, and any other areas of concern for analysis and operational feedback. Our education modules teach your employees best practices of workplace behaviors, infectious disease prevention, mental wellness, and operational changes.

Ongoing Support & Monitoring

Ongoing Support & Monitoring

FormulaMed to perform additional consultatory site visits and remote support as needed for management on a customized schedule and scope. Additionally, ongoing behavioral and mental health support can be provided for employees who are more intensely affected by the current COVID‐19 pandemic conditions.


What is the cost to your business when operations come to a halt because your employees didn’t feel safe and have confidence in returning to the workplace?

A DIY approach to managing this pandemic as it enters the workplace is not an effective or advised strategy when dealing with a virus like COVID-19. Getting infected is inevitable—successful organizations will manage the safety, exposure, and confidence of their employees as they adapt to workforce reintroduction. FormulaMed’s customizable strategies will give you and your employees workforce-wide visibility into the health and safety status of your organization. This will allow you to make real time decisions that protect employees and your business. FormulaMed is a key piece, and partner, in ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Our Clients


Setul G. Patel

Setul G. Patel, MD, MBA

Founder, Managing Partner

Dr. Setul Patel is an experienced healthcare and business executive bringing over twenty years of experience to healthcare services. Setul bridges experiences of healthcare administration, clinical emergency medicine, field EMS, and business leadership in a purpose driven and vision focused environment.

Erica Somes​

Erica Somes

Director of Finance & Corporate Controller

Erica Somes brings more than 25 years of financial management experience to her role at FormulaMed as Finance Director.  Prior to joining the FormulaMed team, she gained extensive accounting experience in her 16-year tenure in public accounting as an auditor.

Mahtab Moradi

Mahtab Moradi, MA, MFT

Behavioral Health Director, Managing Partner

Mahtab Moradi has been in clinical practice for over 19 years. After completing her undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Texas in Austin, Mahtab pursued a post graduate degree in Marriage and Family studies. Upon graduation, Mahtab began her counseling career as a fellow in behavioral medicine at The University of Texas Medical Branch.

Jarred King

Jarred King

Operations & Sales Director, Managing Partner

Jarred King is an entrepreneur, founder, and owner of several businesses including Swagger Agency, Swagger Film, and Marketeering Group. Jarred has extensive experience developing marketing and communication strategies for firms in the healthcare and wellness space.


"Working with the team at FormulaMed was a true pleasure. They demonstrated superb expertise, but communicated it in a way that was easy to understand and showed empathy to all of our employees. The entire process significantly lowered the level of anxiety among our team and made them feel safe when re-entering our office. The value we received from working with FormulaMed was easily 10x what we paid"
Chris Hanslik
Chris Hanslik
Chairman - BoyarMiller

In The Press

Houston Chronicle 6/15/20

Feature story on FormulaMed's efforts to help businesses reintroduce to the workplace

Houston Chronicle 5/14/20

FormulaMed and BoyarMiller’s reintroduction plan

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Exposure to COVID-19 in mission critical aspects of your organization is inevitable. FormulaMed helps you navigate these events and quickly and safely resume operations while maintaining confidence among the workforce. Contact Us if you or one of your employees has tested positive for COVID-19 or is presumed positive and we can help you develop an emergency plan of action.

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